Solar panel mounting systems

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IMS-Solar BV is an internationally operating producer of a sustainable mounting system for solar panels. Our system does not put any pressure on the solar panels; it is quick and easy to install. We advise and supply good solutions throughout Europe; a mounting system that contributes to a longer lifespan of solar panels.

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Solar panel mounting systems

The IMS-Solar system can be used on corrugated roofs, steel roofs and tiled roofs. We are developing an in-roof system and a flat roof construction that will follow shortly.
Our work

IMS Solar Innovations


Kiwa test report steel roof and corrugated roof

Kiwa BDA tested determined the wind uplift resistance of the IP-fix clip in combination with our basic and insert profiles. The BDA testing results were above our expectaions and confirmed the safety of our materials.
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Project of PakDeZon in Andijk

PakDeZon realized a project at various steelroofs in Andijk with our IMS-System. Installation went smooth and therefor efficient which made it rather costs efficient.
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