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What guarantee does IMS-Solar provide as standard?

IMS-Solar only supplies top quality. Our materials forms the basis for the safe installation of solar panels. A 20 year warranty therefor is self-evident!

Which companies do I have contact for information or to order?

Just contact us to meet our suppliers.

Who I have to contact for technical information?

For all your questions you can always contact us.

Our products

Where can I found more product information?

We made a specification per type of roof, here you can find the materials needed. We also added our brochures and manuals which can be found via our downloads.

For which type of roofs you supply installation materials?

Right now we do have materials foor tiled roofs, corrugated roofs and steel roofs available. We keep on developing our products so other types will follow in future.

What are the delivery times?

Our production takes place in Austria en Germany where we have enough materials on stock. Delivery to our suppliers will generaly be arranged within a week


How can I login for this calculator?

Once you select a type of roof you can login. The first time you have to register. Once done you can use it for each type of roof needed.

How to use this calculator?

We frequently give training at our office and throughout the country so please check when we are available in your area. You can always call us for any questions.

Who can I contact if I have any questions concerning the calculator?

You can always contact us for any questions.

Am I free to select the type of solar panel I want to use?

Each month we update the types of solar panels and it is up to you to select the right one.

Is it possible to make a calculation of different types of solar panels for the same roof?

If desired you can  make a calculation of different types of solar panels to get a good survey, no problem at all!

Do I automatic get a survey of materials needed and costs?

Most important is to get a survey of materials needed plus a survey of our bruto prices. This we guarantee, together with technical drawings so you can see how to install everything right.

Who I have to contact for technical information?

For all your questions you can always contact us.

How to download the plans and productlist?

If you went through all steps and came to a final survey you can download a list of products  and technical drawings needed. You can ask for a basic technical survey or a nice presentation which you can use to present to your clients.

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How to sign up to participate at a training?

You can send us a mail our use the link of the specific training. If you cannot find the right one just call us.

Are there any costs involved?

For us it is important and our pleasure to make you enthousiastic by showing you how simple our products works. We are glad if you are interested and looking forward to welcome you at our meetings.


Once you have registered via our site you should receive a confirmation within a day maximum. Please contact us if not.