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IMS-Solar BV is an internationally operating producer of a sustainable mounting system for solar panels. Our system does not put any pressure on the solar panels; it is quick and easy to install. We advise and supply good solutions throughout Europe; a mounting system that contributes to a longer lifespan of solar panels.
Reuse of aluminium

Environment friendly

Based on years of experience, IMS-Solar BV has developed a sustainable and environmentally conscious installation system. Reuse of aluminum forms the basis of the IMS-Solar mounting system. This not only creates environmentally conscious solar energy; the solar panels are also installed sustainably through our system. We are original in that!

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For us it is important and our pleasure to make you enthousiastic about our product by showing you how simple it works. We are glad if you are interested and looking forward to welcome you at our meetings. You can send us a mail our use the link to select a specific training. If you cannot find the right one just call us.
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What we do

IMS-Solar BV advises and supplies good solutions trhoughout Europe; a mounting system that contributes to a longer lifespan of solar panels. Due to the strong basic structure of our system, horizontal lengths of up to 165 cm can be spanned. This saves time and costs. IMS-Solar BV continues to develop the system and regularly gives presentations and trainings. Our technical people are happy to provide support and personal advice about our solar energy solutions. In this way we keep the installers as well informed as  possible, so that they in turn can provide their customers with the best possible service.

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Developer and technical designer

David Sie

“The challenge is always to develop a better, smarter and more economical product.”
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Order processor

Daan Kok

Daan will take care of the efficient processing of orders, arranging purchasing and logistics. Service and guarantee is important.
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Product manager

Jerry Kuipers

Jerry, as a Product Manager at IMS Solar, plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful commercialization. Jerry's primary responsibilities involve transforming existing systems into fully marketable products and facilitating the introduction of new offerings.
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Marketing advisor

Nynne Allema

Nynne is responsible for developing marketing strategies aligned with IMS Solar's business goals.
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