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HAI-end aluminium solutions for sustainable performance

Pure Dynamics

Sustainability and environmental awareness are part of our corporate philosophy and in this we found in HAI a good partner to realize this. Hammerer Aluminium Industries conducted a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) in view of increasing need for sustainability. This resulted in HAI SustainAL 2.0., max 2 tons CO2 / ton aluminium (average of 80% of recycled content). Therefor HAI is among the leaders in the industry for low CO2 emissions which is important for us.

Sustainability and the reduced Co2 footprint of the profiles is the base of our mounting systems which is very important for us!

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Energy costs upcharge

Energy update charge from Hai: " Our adjustment of the energy cost surcharge from last week has been the reason for an intensive dialogue over the past few days, and this not only at the aluminum trade fair in Düsseldorf. We would like to emphasize that we are trying to ensure maximum transparency in order to avoid mixing with other price components. We have a big understanding of these additional burdens being very painful for you as our customers and that these measures are limiting your competitiveness - especially in an international comparison. However, one must also consider that there is also increasing competition from regions that do not live our values and do not support the sanctions against Russia. Metal from Turkey is mainly based on supplies from Russia and Iran - these countries are forced to dump prices because they cannot sell their metal to the western world. Morally, everyone needs to decide for himself how to deal with it. We, as HAI, are clearly committed to European values and strictly refuse to buy such conflict units! "
Hammerer Aluminium Industries

Rob van Gils, CEO

“By clearly focussing on our defined customer segments as well as growth markets we will continue to increase our turnover while at least maintaining our level of profitability. In accordance with our corporate strategy we want to get even closer to our customers in the future, above all by further intensifying the level of value creation that we provide. We are continuing along the path that we have set ourselves together with our staff, and we will invest in our existing locations and in technically upgrading our facilities.”

Rob van Gils, CEO

Our products

Solar panel mounting systems

The IMS-Solar system can be used on corrugated roofs, steel roofs and tiled roofs. We are developing an in-roof system and a flat roof construction that will follow shortly.